sunday snuggles

Day 10: The best bit of your weekend

Mr. Phish worked all weekend, so the best bits of my weekend were spent snuggling with these three characters:

At some point in the last 48 hours, each of the boogies has napped on my lap. It was divine.

I miss lap naps. When I was writing my dissertation, I spent mornings on the couch surrounded by boogies, my laptop, and lots of coffee. It was a miserable time for so many reasons–don’t let anyone tell you writing a dissertation is fun–but I loved spending so much time with the boogies. They kept my spirits buoyed through the endless marathon of the Ph.D.

They always seemed to know when I needed extra head bumps and snuggles. They’ve seen me through some dark days, and I’ll be forever grateful for their companionship. They are so much more than just cats to us. They are family.

Have a good week everyone!



11 thoughts on “sunday snuggles

  1. What beauties they are and they look so peaceful and content. Cats are just the best at knowing when WE need a bit of attention aren’t they? Hugs and nose kisses

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