cheap entertainment

Day 9: Your view today

This morning, I caught the boogies in a rare moment of camaraderie. There are precious few things that can bring the boogies together sans hissing or swatting. I was running around, picking up and cleaning and out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Genevieve was hunkered down in front of the sliding glass window. I snuck over to the table, tip-toed around the corner of the sofa, and ended up with this:

From top to bottom, that’s Mooster, Genevieve and Bella. What on earth could deserve such laser-like focus, you might ask?


This is Alfie. He’s a friend. This morning, he was doing some redecorating.

A little bit later in the morning, Alfie was joined by two baby chipmunks. They were chasing each other and zigging and zagging around the pots and plants on our patio. It was nonstop action.

These furry loves are my heart and I am so grateful for every morning we have together.


23 thoughts on “cheap entertainment

  1. What a great shot of Mooster, Genevieve and Bella watching the chipmunk. Gave us a smile. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Beautiful shots, both of the kitties and the ‘monks (which are a tougher get, in my book.) If you’re new to this camera, I can’t wait to see what comes from some experience!

    • Thanks! Slowly but surely, I’m getting braver with the camera. The chippers (as we call them) are daily visitors so I have ample opportunity to practice.

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