heat wave

Day 28: The weather today

I don’t handle the heat well. I’m not a fan. Given a choice between wind chill and heat index, I’ll take wind chill every time (and twice on Tuesdays). I love layers and bundling up. I love that first hint of crispness in the fall breeze and the slap of fat snowflakes on my windows.

I love sunshiney days, but this weather is for the birds. Heat and humidity through the roof all of May, which does not bode well for the customarily sweaty July and August. And the storms. Oh dear, the storms.

I lived in upstate New York for one year, and I distinctly remember that Syracuse averages 5 days per summer when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees. I remember this because when I heard it, I did not believe it. And then I heard it again, and then I lived it, and I called my father and shared this amazing news with him. He was less than thrilled, as he was suffering through a sweltering Nebraska summer, when there are perhaps 5 days when the temperaturedoes not exceed 90.

As much as I love Des Moines and being closer to my family, I do not belong in Iowa. I am not meant to live somewhere so sticky. I am wired for Vermont or Colorado or northern Minnesota.

The last two days have been a trial for me. Hot temperatures, very high humidity. High winds, which makes being outside feel like you’re standing in front of a furnace set to full blast. Being sweaty makes me cranky. It’s really that simple.

This evening brings a welcome respite. The winds have picked up again but the temperature has dropped a bit. It is actually tolerable outside. We’re not going to open the house up or anything–no need to get crazy. But perhaps my poor overworked air conditioner will have a slight break this evening.

I had a lovely weekend and I’m sad to see it go. Here’s to the last few precious hours…

8 thoughts on “heat wave

  1. PRECISELY why I live in Seattle.

    When I lived in Buffalo, summer was torture. The only redeeming thing was the wonderful electrical storms. Otherwise, it’s for the birds. Or the Snowbirds.

    I feel for you Kid.

  2. We could be “soul mates” !!!!! ha ha ha ha ha
    I also can’t stand the heat and my friends and family think I am crazy.
    I love the cool spring and fall and would take winter chill over summer heat any day

  3. I’m like you, except I hate winter. I do not belong in Minnesota. I hate the stickyness of summer too. I’d rather there be a place were I can wear flip flops all the time and not be sticky out! I love spring and fall, my favorite seasons.

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