Day 26: 12pm

Dear Tenant,

We fail to understand why you chose to get up so early to go to farmers market this morning, but we did not appreciate the racket on a Saturday morning. Even worse, your return home one hour later interrupted morning nap time #2. As you know, our sleeping schedules are strictly regimented and carefully planned to ensure that we receive the requisite 18 hours of sleep per day. We do not appreciate the disruption.

Going forward, we must forcefully insist that you are respectful of our napping schedule. Lost nap time is not easily made up and has a nasty effect on our delicate constitutions.

Please review the posted nap schedule and adjust your errand-running/cleaning/being noisy plans accordingly.

Nap times are of the utmost importance and disruptions will not be tolerated. This is your first warning. If you receive additional warnings and continue to be disruptive, we will be forced to resort to excessive yowling and general obnoxiousness.


The Management

8 thoughts on “bossy

  1. It is just no fair getting your nap time disrupted. Love the napping shots. Hugs and nose kisses

    • They have no qualms about waking us up at the crack of dawn, but they get very crabby if we wake them up…unless it is for snacks! Thanks for stopping by.

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