the classic

Day 17: Snack

Mr. Phish’s late-night snack: two grilled cheese sandwiches, washed down with a tall glass of Kool-Aid. It’s the snack of champions. And 13-year-old boys with outrageous metabolism. And 30-something boys who refuse to eat like grown-ups and still have the metabolism to get away with it.

The best thing about this photo is the cast iron skillet. A gift from Mr. Phish’s mom last Christmas. It makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches. Or so I hear.




7 thoughts on “the classic

  1. My hubby is so thin and eats between 10 PM and 3AM…He sometimes wakes me to make him grilled cheese cause he can’t quite get the same taste that mine have lol…(I add just a slight sprinkle of garlic powder on the (I can’t believe it’s not butter) shhhh….he thinks it is just butter on it…..

    • That’s hilarious. I happen to prefer my grilled cheese over his, but that’s because I add extra cheese. Will have to try the garlic powder trick!

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