learning a new language

Day 16: What you’re reading

I have a confession: I have a Ph.D. in English and it made me hate reading. There. I said it.

Growing up, I was rarely without a book in my hand. I loved reading. I read constantly, whatever I could get my hands on. Reading was my hobby, my passion.

And then came graduate school. Eight years of literary theory and hyper-critical analysis made it impossible for me to read a book just for fun. I couldn’t turn off the critical eye, couldn’t put the pencil down.

This makes me sad. But I’m working on it. I’m trying to start reading for pleasure again, but it’s hard.

As a result, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m not reading anything right now. But I have a stack of books waiting for me, when I’m ready.

And I will be. Eventually.

In the meantime, Mr. Phish and I are working our way through this:

This is a daily devotional book about love languages. Now, Mr. Phish and I are not really daily devotional kind of folks. But I found this a few years ago right after we got married and it seemed interesting. Each reading has a bible verse, a little story or explanation, and a short prayer. We’re not very consistent about reading, but I have been pretty amazed at the number of readings that seem to be written just for us. One of our goals this year is to read more faithfully and actually finish the book this year.So far, we’re doing pretty well.

I highly recommend it if you’re interested in working on communication in your relationship. Mr. Phish and I are extraordinarily different people, and this book has started some very interesting conversations for us.


P.S. What do you think about the nickname for the mister? He picked it, in honor of his favorite jam band. I’m not sold on it.


2 thoughts on “learning a new language

  1. I totally understand! I didn’t go straight through to a PhD with my English degree, but went onto a second degree where the read-load and analysis was equally as heavy. I never lost my adoration of books, but the yearning and the passion for actually reading was somewhat lost for me until a couple of years ago. I think you’re the first fellow English major who I’ve met that had the same reaction to reading after completing so many years of course and thesis work 🙂 Nice to know there’s more than one of us out there!

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