heartbreaker in training

Day 15: Love

It’s no secret that I love Moo. I’ve written about her many times and regularly post pictures of my marvelous Moo.

(To see evidence of my minor obsession with Moo, see exhibits A, B, C, D, E, and F.)

But I’m not alone. This child could have her own fan club. Everyone who meets her is smitten. I have proof.

Grandpa never stood a chance.

Obviously, Mommy is slightly biased but even after tantrums and sleepless nights, there’s still so much love.

Grandma can’t resist smooshing Moo with hugs and kisses.

Uncle JP can’t get enough Moo. The feeling is mutual.

I definitely take advantage of any and all opportunities to love on this little blue-eyed wonder.

You might think you can resist, but just look at her. Those blue eyes. Those little fingers with the dimpled knuckles. The lone piggie. This girl is the total package. Look out, boys!


10 thoughts on “heartbreaker in training

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