my new boyfriend

Day 12: Something that makes you happy

As soon as I saw the topic for today, I knew what to write about. Plenty of things make me happy–Moo, the boogies, my husband, nutella, Marimekko. The list of possible topics is endless, as I am so very blessed.

All of those things I listed are swell, but OMG, you guys. Feast your eyes on this:

This, my friends, is my new boyfriend. (squeeeeee!!!)

He lives down the street from me, and I drive by his house coming and going. And every time, I nearly wreck my Jetta looking to see if he’s outside.

Because I. cannot. resist. this. face. *SWOON*

Isn’t he the most delicious thing you’ve laid eyes on in weeks? Months?

I took these photos the last time I was out walking, and I stopped to say hello and introduce myself. I had to wait until I was walking alone, because my husband is deathly afraid of dogs and would never abide stopping to say hello to any dog, even this gorgeous boy.

He was perfectly pleasant, a real gentleman. He sniffed my hand and then wiggled his adorable little butt at me. My heart melted.

I’m not really a dog person. I don’t mind them, but I obviously do not have the same passionate love for dogs that I do for cats. But there is something about this guy that just gets me. That jaw. Those jowls. The salt and pepper fur. The frowny lines. The little brown freckles on his leg. I think this boy and I are MFEO (for all of you non-Sleepless in Seattle fans, that’s made for each other).

Every day when I see him, I smile. And not just a little smile. A big smile, one that I feel all the way to my heart. I say hi and wave to him, but he plays it cool. I get it.

Look at those wise eyes and tell me there’s not depth there. This boy is a keeper.

Now if I could only convince my husband that this muscley mound of sweetness isn’t going to rip his face off, then maybe someday we could be a cat/dog family. Doubtful. But I’ll keep the hope alive.

P.S. If you happen to live near here and you’ve nearly been run off the road by a crazy lady in a Jetta waving at a dog, then, yeah, sorry about that.



9 thoughts on “my new boyfriend

  1. Love it, he’s a keeper! I love dogs. I would put my dog, Winter under the topic for today, what makes me happy but my human family might get slightly offended, LOL!!

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