i love a good routine

Day 9: Something you do every day

I’ll admit that I love having a routine. That was one of my favorite things about graduate school–I had a routine. I set my own schedule. I knew when things were going to get hairy (around finals when I had stacks and stacks of papers to grade) and when I could make time to relax. I knew when my classes met and when I needed to return work to my students. I knew when my chapters were due. To a degree, I could control the rhythm and flow of my days. It was lovely.

And then I married someone who works retail. There is no routine in retail. Schedules are all over the place–one day you close and get home at midnight and then two days later, you have to be up at 5:30 to open. Sometimes you get weekends off, sometimes your days off are Tuesday and Thursday. Sometimes you don’t get days off. My husband knows no routine, and he’s okay with it.

I’ve found that the work world offers a semblance of routine, but it is also highly unpredictable. My work hours are set but the workload varies drastically from day to day and week to week. Today, I had no meetings. Tomorrow, I have six. And I have no control over the routine. I miss having some small amount of control over the rhythm and flow of my days.

Even now, I find it hard to really get into a routine with my husband’s schedule. I get up and go to bed at about the same time every day, but things fluctuate as his schedule changes. Even after almost 8 years together, it is still so hard for me. I cherish my little pieces of routine. Making the bed is one of them. I love crawling into a made bed. It’s so cool and crisp and welcoming. Alas, I married someone who could sleep in perpetually rumpled, wadded up, musty sheets. No thank you. This bed gets made every day. And every night, I pull back the covers and relish the tightly tucked corners and cool, soft cotton. Ah, bed. How I do love you.

And yes, in case you were wondering, that is a teddy bear. His name is Bear. He is non-negotiable. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.


6 thoughts on “i love a good routine

  1. lol, did you marry my boyfriend? He works retail too. God, retail is a beast. My bf also turns the bedsheets into bird nests. I’m learning to get over it 🙂

    • You hit the nail on the head–it’s exactly like a bird nest!! I still don’t understand how he needs two pillows, a blanket, an extra sheet, plus the regular bedding…

  2. In college I made my bed every single morning. I told myself it was a gift I was wrapping for myself and when I got into bed each night I got to unwrap the gift.

  3. I can equate with you a lot. Even I feel the need for a routine sometimes because too much of spontaneity is not fun. There is no time to relax and contemplate in such a life. I prefer a calm routine at times, while wishing for a change every now and then.

    Nice post … 🙂

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