not so leafy

Day 23: Vegetable

I have a complicated relationship with vegetables. I don’t like them, though I try to. I should be clearer. I like them, but only when they are smothered in butter and/or cheese and completely stripped of all nutritional value.

Me and the greens don’t get along so well. I’ll eat broccoli, but only if it’s swimming in velveeta (don’t judge!). And I’m down with green beans, assuming there’s cream of mushroom involved. We recently tried and loved brussel sprouts…with olive oil and lots o’ bacon.

And don’t even ask me about tomatoes. I don’t eat raw tomatoes, thanks to a still-harrowing childhood experience involving too many tomatoes and open sores in my tiny 6-year-old mouth. Gah.

I like the not-so-good-for-you veggies, the wimpy step-cousins to leafy greens. Give me the sweet stuff–corn, carrots, squash, potatoes. I want the ones that are basically veggie candy and will rot your teeth. Nummmm.

Luckily, I married someone with a similar aversion to vegetables. We make one notable exception to the  rule: salsa. At my house, we eat probably 85% of our veggies dribbled over chips and melted cheese. And it works for us.

P.S. This is the best salsa known to man. Made by The Amish Buggy, pineapple mild salsa. I’m serious. It will change your life. You should order some. Today. But don’t blame me if you become hopelessly addicted and find yourself placing monthly orders to the nice folks in Newton, Illinois. I warned you.



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