drawing a blank

Day 20: Something you drew

I am not artistic.

I am creative. I think outside of the box. I am a visual person. I am crafty and I love making things from scratch. I can be downright poetic. I have an eye for composition and colors. I sing, I dance, I act. I am a lover of the arts.

But I am not artistic.

Art was my least favorite class as a child. I loved it–loved painting, drawing, sculpting. But I hated it, because I could never execute the vision in my head. I envisioned beautiful, graceful brushstrokes, but the picture in front of my never matched the one in my head. It was endlessly frustrating, exasperating even. I gave up early on. I was required to take art in 7th grade but never after that. So I never did.

I don’t draw. I don’t sculpt. I don’t paint. And I’m okay with that.

It just so happens that I have my baby book right now (for the top-secret project I’m working on). I was flipping through it this evening and I came across this:

The note on the back (in my mother’s beautifully even handwriting) says that I drew these when I was 2 years old. Forgive the name weirdness–there was a very, very short time in my life when my parents tried calling me Christy. It did not last. I am not a Christy. I am a Christine.

This, my friends, is the apex of my artistic talent. At two years old, I peaked and it has been downhill since then. I like these two pictures. I like the bold use of orange, and the graceful curves of blue. I couldn’t do much better, 30+ years later.

I make a mean mocha chip scone. I can sing harmony to almost anything, even if I don’t have music to read. And I can create photobooks that will reduce grown men to tears. But I am not artistic. And I don’t draw.


One thought on “drawing a blank

  1. great page! I could relate to your “non-artistic” skills. It’s a therapeutic form of releasing my emotions without guidelines (except for when taught in class). My work has recently been in progress of returning to my life since grammar school also. Keep it up!

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