fantastic froyo

Day 19: Orange

I’m on a froyo kick. I started with Menchie’s, which is mere blocks from my house. But then, last week, I was out running errands and ended up right by Orange Leaf. That’s right, I have two frozen yogurt shops less than one mile from my apartment. And a Dairy Queen. And a Cheesecake Factory.

But I digress.

My first time at Orange Leaf, here’s what I came home with:

That’s half pineapple, half pomegranate, with just a tiny sprinkle of coconut. Notice the two kinds are separate. Not swirled. I wasn’t ready to commit to swirled. The pomegranate was okay, not as tangy as I had hoped it would be. But the pineapple was a-ma-zing. Like a freshly cut pineapple, but in smooth, smooth froyo form. Divine.

I’ve been back twice since then. And each time, the pineapple has been just as juicy and delicious as the last. This orange makes mama so, so happy.


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