hard knocks

Day 17: Something you don’t like

This is a photo of our kitchen sink. The faucet drip, drip, drips relentlessly. No amount of jiggling or jostling or sneaky adjusting makes it stop. This drives me batty. More than anything, I hate the waste. I try to leave a big glass underneath the faucet and then use the drips to water my plants.

The sound is also maddening. As is the incredible residue the hard water leaves behind, which is impervious to scrubbing and all manner of cleaning products.

I do not like hard water. Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “hard knocks

    • You’re braver than me. I’m not handy enough to attempt a faucet fix (and my husband is no better). So many years of renting have spoiled me–if I have problems, I just call the landlord.

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