unsafe driving

Day 15: sunset

I took this photo while driving. Looking back, it seems perhaps a bit unwise to try to shoot a photograph while operating a moving vehicle at 80mph. But in the moment, it made sense. I happened to glance in my rearview mirror and the sunset was just spectacular. I was particularly inspired by the way the light was reflecting off of the side of the car. So I poked my husband and told him to steer. I reached into the backseat, grabbed my camera, and snapped off this shot.

I should be the poster child for the “Don’t shoot and drive” campaign. Don’t be like me. Photograph responsibly. Friends don’t let friends shoot while driving.

I love the way the odd-but-recognizable mirror shape frames the shot. I love the colors, the empty interstate behind us, the painted lines on the road. Aside from the reckless driving bit, I’d say it was a win.


3 thoughts on “unsafe driving

    • Thanks for the comment. I have a lovely Nikon D3100. I have the nicer zoom lens that I use most of the time, but I took this photo using the lens that comes with the camera. It’s a rock-star camera for sure. I’ve only had it since January and I love it. Before that, I shot with a basic Kodak point-and-shoot and I loved that camera too, for different reasons. I do miss the days of easy portability…

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