getting warmer

Day 10: Cold

I took this photo at the very end of the egg hunt. First, a comment: We take our egg hunts very seriously. It gets real. I won’t name names, but there was pushing, shoving, boxing out, and hollering. Apparently, my sister has a knack for cleaning up, leading to some accusations of monkey business/egg-snatching voodoo.

At this point in the hunt, most of the 70 eggs were accounted for. I think there were five eggs left. The group struggled to find those last few. My sister-in-law’s face says it all–even with heavy hints from my dad (he’s tight with the Easter bunny), we were stumped. In the game of hot/cold, we were cold. We were Antarctica.

Our feeble hunting prompted hearty laughter from my father, because he saw four of the five remaining eggs within the area immediately behind him.

The group swarmed to the area to investigate, but no dice.

Again, the faces say it all–confusion, frustration, fatigue. (That’s my little brother on the right. Isn’t he a cutie patootie?) We knew we had to be getting warmer. It was a small area. We’re grown-ups. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Eventually, my dad was reduced to this:

He’s holding up his arms to show us that there are four eggs hidden within the span of his arms. Embarrassing but true. My husband (rockin’ the Husker shirt) had never participated before, and I think he underestimated the competitive nature of things. And the amount of thinking required. He looks worn out, doesn’t he?

The egg hunt took forever. Far longer than it ever should have. But, man, it was fun. That dang Easter bunny is one crafty critter.


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