hangin’ with my peeps

Day 6: Lunch

I came home for lunch today, and as I was dutifully reheating my leftovers, I saw these lovelies:

So I ate them immediately. For lunch. I bought them on Monday and they had achieved the perfect hardness today. The sugary outside was crunchy, almost like a candy shell. Mmmm. Today, I’m grateful for week-old Peeps.

Before you judge, I dare you to let your Peeps age a bit. Sure, they’re yummy when they are pillowy soft. But after you pierce that plastic, give them a few days. They get better with age. Like fine wine. And cheddar.

What’s that? You fail to see how Peeps have anything in common with fine wine and aged cheddar? Oh well. Your loss.

I’m sad they’re gone. Nothing says spring like Peeps. And daffodils. But mostly Peeps.


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