parfait perfection

Day 3: I’m grateful for ice cream. And hot fudge. And peanuts. And the geniuses at Dairy Queen who decided to bring these magical ingredients together.

P.S. The parfait was far more photogenic when we left DQ but there was much melting on the way home. Next time, I’ll shoot it on the spot so you can see that cute little DQ swirl on top.


3 thoughts on “parfait perfection

    • I am too. I shot this at my kitchen table. I feel conspicuous with the camera. And I’ve noticed that people are freaked out when they see you taking pictures. Like you must be up to no good. 🙂

      • I know! A lot of photographers advise you just do it and that no one really pays attention. It’s so hard to “just do it” though lol. Hopefully, I will get over my fear soon!

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