fighting this funk

It’s been pretty quiet around here this weekend. The radio silence could be explained away in any number of ways: I was busy, I was tired, I needed to unplug.

But because I’m a believer of the lovely Jess Constable and her willingness to be brave and honest about her life, I’m not going to make any excuses.

I’m gonna give it to you straight, friends: I’m in a funk.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been fighting this funk every way I know how.

I tried talking my way out of it (thank heavens for unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes). I tried to lose myself in work and ignore it. I even tried exercising (yuck!).

I tried to hide from it. We spent the night at a bed and breakfast. I even took a day of vacation, and we ate ice cream and took the scenic route. I took beautiful pictures of creaky old buildings. But the funk was here waiting when we got home.

I tried to cook it away. This worked well for me through most of graduate school. For the last ten days, I’ve been camped out at thepioneerwomancreamy chicken spaghetti casserole, grilled chicken with lemon basil pasta, pasta with pesto cream sauce, birthday cake batter popcorn. All deliciously ineffective.

Yesterday, I trekked to the outlet mall and tried to shop my way out of it. Although I did score a lovely coral top and this adorable necklace from the J.Crew outlet, alas, the funk followed me home.

So it’s time to face facts. The funk isn’t going anywhere.

This very persistent funk got me thinking. Clearly, my go-to tactics aren’t working. I need a new approach.

Again, taking my cue from the brilliant Jess, I’m going to try gratitude. Yep. I’m embracing the cheese factor. Trying to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. I aspire to gratitude, but it does not come naturally to me.

Every week, Jess posts a group of photos showing things she is grateful for (check out this week’s photos). If you don’t read her fantastic blog, Makeundermylife, you should. Go there as soon as you’re done here.

I don’t know if this will work. The funk is powerful. But I’m going to try.

Here’s the plan: With apologies to fatmumslim, I’m going to take the month off from the photo-a-day challenge. I will try to post something new every day. And my hope is that the gratitude will combat the funk.

We’ll see how it goes. I have so much to be grateful for, and counting your blessings is good for the soul.

Feel free to chime in with a comment. I want to hear what you’re grateful for, too. We can all be grateful together. One big happy gratitude fest. Celebrate gr-april-tude with me.

Yeah, that totally didn’t work. But you know what I mean.

Let’s start this right.

Day 1: Today I am grateful for new pajama pants and Sunday lap time.

5 thoughts on “fighting this funk

  1. I know A LOT about the funk and I want to offer unsolicited advice, cringe if you need to..

    My therapist (yes, I’m one of those people) advised that when I am feeling in a funk to take a bit of time (30 seconds, 10 minutes, 3 hours- however long it takes) to recognize exactly what I’m feeling. A lot of times when we are in a funk,that won’t seem to pass, it’s because we aren’t sure what the feelings are.

    For instance, yesterday I was in a terrible mood. At first, I thought I was feeling overwhelmed/stressed but after some time of thought, the funk kept nagging. So I thought more and that maybe I was sad. I tried to figure out what I was sad about.. nothing. From there I figured maybe I was anxious, but realized I just drank too much coffee.

    I just kept trying to understand my thoughts clearly to figure out what emotion I was REALLY feeling and finally came to the conclusion that I was feeling disapointed.

    Once I realised that I was indeed disapointed I was able to validate the emotion. I was right for feeling disapointed, something didn’t pan out the way I had hoped, and to feel let down was natural.

    After accepting my emotion and honoring it, I was able to truly let the feeling go. I felt good about myself for understanding why I was in a funk.

    This whole process took me about 6 hours, and pretty much my day was spent in a funk, but now this morning… I feel good and know that if I didn’t face my feelings I’d still be feeling bad.

    Long winded and I’m sorry, I just know what it feels like to be down in mood for a long time and wanted to share something that has helped tremendously.

    • Wowza! Thanks so much for the honest response. I love the suggestion to just really focus and figure out what’s going on. It’s encouraging that you’ve have success with that digging in. Sometimes I’m afraid to dig too deep, but it’s good to know that the digging can bring peace. Excellent advice, and something I will definitely use in my war against the funk.

      • I hope it works 🙂 Digging deep can be scary and uncomfortable if you aren’t accustomed to doing so, but when you realize that there are feelings that should be understood it makes it easier. It takes a lot of practice to know yourself but it is very rewarding. It also feels great for me now that I know there are more feelings than just happy, sad, angry and stressed.

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