blue skies

When you try to take photos of clouds in central Iowa, this is what you get:

And this…

Or this..

Even this..

Are you seeing a theme here? It is always sunny here. Central Iowa is rapturously sunny. I can hear you snickering, but don’t knock it ’til you try it. Seriously. Iowa should be the sunshine state. Florida’s got nothing on us. Except oranges. And alligators.

This endless sunshine is nothing short of amazing to me and my husband. We have recently relocated from the miserable shores of Lake Erie (sorry, but “the mistake on the lake” is sortof an accurate nickname). It is always cloudy there. Always. Cloudy weather is a bummer. Doubly so on a lake, where you have massive amounts of lake effect snow and endless winters. It gets gray in October and stays gray allllll winter long. Ugh. I feel my mood dipping just writing about it.

Fast-forward nine months to March in Iowa. We still rave, every day, about the sun. Local people think we’re nuts. The people at work don’t believe me when I tell them about cloudy Cleveland. When I start waxing poetic about the Iowa sun, they shrug their shoulders, as if to say, what’s the big deal?

The big deal is: the sun always shines here. Even cloudy days don’t stay that way. The wind blows those clouds right into the next state over (sorry, Chicago).

I took these pictures at various times and places today–at home, at work, out and about. I ended up with one photo that actually fit the topic for the day:

Do you see this one, tiny cloud? It’s hard to see in that big, blue expanse of sky, so I added the arrow to help you out. You’re welcome.

It’s nothing but blue, blue sky here. And there’s just so much of it. We love it here. There’s room to breathe. To stretch your legs. To yell at the top of your lungs if you want.

I know I couldn’t get you a good cloud picture, but I did get this:

I know it’s not clouds, but it sure is purty.


9 thoughts on “blue skies

  1. I moved to Iowa from New York in November, and have traveled about the state with a camera trying to capture the spectacular vistas that my eyes percieve, but my camera rarely is up to the challenge, as evidenced by some of the over-saturated and/or bleached out shots on my blog . . . very good post, though, about a topic I’ve been struggling with for the past five months!!

    • I fought with my camera to get the blue sky–it didn’t like having nothing to focus on! Iowa seems to offer many beautiful opportunities–I often wish I could take my camera everywhere with me. Thanks for the comment!!

  2. chrissy you just seem happier now, I know not everything in your life is perfect but you are definitely focusing on the good stuff, good job i know some days that is easier than others. great sky pictures a little too warm too soon for me. love ya mom

  3. Just looking at those pictures make me happy. Sunshine does that to a person. I love the sunshine but do not love the heat already. Good post.

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  5. I love pictures of the sky too, my hubby thinks I am nuts (any fine looking sky around me and I get out my phone to take a picture) but I could ogle sunrise and sunsets all day just to take pictures.

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