all signs point to yummy

Today’s topic is “sign.” And the lesson is this:

A bag like this is a sign…

…that you should prepare yourself for deliciousness. And I’m not just talking about the logo, friends. I’m talking about the oily spots that are slightly grody but also signify buttery goodness. Mmmmm. Buttery pastry goodness.

And, oh my, it was.

My love affair with Panera’s bear claws is relatively recent. I spent many, many hours there when I was finishing up my dissertation, and I quickly tired of my staple cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese (YUM). So I branched out. Initially, I was drawn to the almonds on top, but that first bite of buttery, crispy pastry sealed the deal. The filling is delectable–nutty, sweet, with a hint of citrus. I highly recommend.

Then again, let’s be honest: I’ve never met an item from Panera’s pastry case that I didn’t like.

And the bonus? When the cashier swiped my PaneraRewards card, this buttery beauty was free. That’s right. FREE. Life is good, people.


4 thoughts on “all signs point to yummy

  1. OMG! I remember those happy times when I used to buy a Panera bear claw almost every day, didn’t work out, and didn’t gain any weight. Now I think I’m getting fatter just by looking at it!

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