sunshine dreams

For today’s assignment (window): the boogie trifecta, in a rare group shot. They love being outside.  Our last apartment had a fenced in cement patio, and it was boogie heaven. Genevieve rolled around on the concrete, Mooster ate copious amounts of grass, and Bella just bounced around with sheer joy (the fresh air goes right to her head).

The condo complex where we live now does not allow cats to be outside unless they are on leashes. After a near-fatal attempt at leashes, the boogies have resigned themselves to indoor living. But there is a lot of pining, sad little meows and mutters and many hours parked in front of the sliding glass doors.

When my mom came, she felt sorry for the boogies and we improvised by putting the garage door partway down and blocking off the bottom with a baby gate thingy purchased at Babies R Us (we were there shopping for Moo, obviously).

It’s not ideal, but they can feel the wind in their whiskers and bask in the sun.  We hope to move somewhere that the boogies can once again roam wild and free. Until then, a boogie can dream…



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