up and up

The photo challenge for March 1st is “up.” The first thing that came to mind was this:

genevieve on the mattress
This is Genevieve (aka Jeeveyboog, JBoog, Stinky), the last member of the boogie trifecta. If Mooster is the naughty one, and Bella is the prissy one, then Genevieve is the wise, kind one.

Genevieve is the most interesting cat I’ve ever known. And this is saying something–I grew up with cats, and everyone in my family has cats. I know a lot of cats, just sayin’. And JBoog is one-of-a-kind. She’s the only one we didn’t adopt as a kitten–she was approximately two when we brought her home. She was rescued from a dump, and every so often, her dump kitty tendencies kick in (that’s a story for another post). She has an odd little scratchy meow, like she’s hoarse. She has seizures every once in a blue moon and I cry for days because I can’t bear the thought of losing her. I could wax poetic about this girl for pages. She is a wise old soul in a furry body and we are very lucky to know her.

In the spirit of fairness, here are a few additional photos that fit today’s theme. Don’t want anyone to feel left out.

The boogie trifecta rocks my world on a daily basis. I feel so lucky to share my life with them.


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