cheeky lime goodness

We interrupt our regularly scheduled photo challenge to bring you this:

my  new camera bag!

Ladies and gentlemen, my new camera bag is finally HERE! When I stopped to get the mail, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the extra key (to the larger package slot). Full-scale palpitations ensued when I saw the return address…

Look. At. This. Beautiful. Bag.

GAH. I am totally smitten.

This beauty is my birthday present from my parents (thanks Mom and Dad!!). I’ve long adored the gals over at Cheeky Lime. And when I bought the fancypants camera, I started searching for a bag. Camera bags come in two colors: basic black and dark black. That’s it. I’m not a basic black kind of girl, so I began my interweb searching in earnest.

And then I remembered Cheeky Lime. They were teasing new bags on their Facebook page, with a reveal date of February. After many days of obsessive website checking, the new bags finally appeared. A few short days later, and I’m in bag nirvana. The camera fits beautifully, even with the zoom lens. There’s SO much room. The dividers all have velcro, so it’s totally customizable. I can move the padded dividers around to accommodate lenses,  the battery charger, and whatever gadgets and gizmos I wanna throw in there. It’s genius, I tell you.

And did you SEE that tiny little pink camera charm? And the extra little clutch bag? And the adorable interior print?



And now, I have to excuse myself. I need to go play with my stylish new toy.

P.S. Here’s something I ate tonight (I can’t blow off the challenge completely when I’m so close to the end!):
more fruit pizza
Yep. More fruit pizza. Dinner of champions.


12 thoughts on “cheeky lime goodness

    • Hi Suzi. Thanks for the comment! I’ve only carried it around the house, but so far, it feels great. The shoulder strap is padded and I think I will enjoy being able to choose between throwing it over my shoulder and using the handles. The weight seems okay for now, as I have the camera plus an extra lens. I’m taking it out and about this weekend, so if I have trouble, I’ll let you know!.

    • Thanks, Kelsey! It is the perfect combo of style and functionality. Who knew you could be so excited about a camera bag? 🙂

  1. Hey there, I’m thinking of getting this bag too and had a question or two if you don’t mind! How does it feel carrying it around (not to big and bulky)? and is the green as bright as the pictures on the website??

    Thanks so much

    • The color and quality are absolutely top-notch. Wonderfully roomy and lots of great padding for gear. I actually ended up selling mine because it was larger than I needed. If you have multiple lenses or camera bodies or if you are a full-time photographer and carry multiple cameras, this is your bag. I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed!

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