an accessory problem

I think I have an accessory problem. More specifically, I have an earring problem. I love them. Love them. They are the perfect little pick-me-up. Feeling sad? Earrings will make you smile. Feeling tired? Earrings will perk you right up. Feeling like your outfit is blah? Earrings are a quick fix! Feeling happy? Celebrate life by buying earrings!

I told you I had a problem.

But it could be worse. I could have a shoe problem. Or a designer purse problem. Or a luxury home furnishing problem. Earrings are almost fool-proof, and here’s why:

1. Earrings won’t break the bank. Unless you’re buying diamond-crusted bling, earrings can be had on the cheap. That’s the clincher for me–I can spend less than 10 bucks and get something I love. And the sales! Mylanta, the sales. Earrings are always on sale. Every store has a rack full of clearance earrings. Sure, some of them are ugly as sin. But you’d be mighty surprised at the beauties I’ve scavenged from clearance racks.

2. Earrings are easy to store. Shoes, not so much. Purses, forget about it. But earrings are tiny. Like compact bundles of sunshine. For your ears.

I think I’ve crossed a line.

3. Earrings always fit. On those bad-body days, earrings glide right on. No tugging, pulling, or uncomfortable squishing. No blisters and no breaking in required. No shrinking if you accidentally dry them. Forget petite or plus size–we all wear the same size in earrings.

4. Earrings pack a lot of punch. The right pair of earrings can take an outfit from so-so to supafly. Think little black dress. Add magenta earrings and you’re suddenly sassy. Or try an understated pearl stud for a more classic look. Or go all-out with a super-long mixed metal dangly earring and you’re all party girl.

I could go on. But I think it’s time for the photo. The assignment was “your bathroom cabinet.” I’m bending the rules a little bit. Technically, the earrings do live in my bathroom and they are in a container that could be construed as a cabinet (it has a top that latches). Okay, okay. It’s a stretch. I don’t even care. Feast your eyes upon this:


You can’t deny the happiness in this box. In case you’re wondering, they’re organized by color. And size.

And every day, I open this magic box and make my selection. And every day, I think of a new color or shape or size that I wish I had. I’m currently on the hunt for magenta and purple. And bright blue. And black and white polka dots. And red.

Are you feeling the love yet? No? Oh well. Your loss. More earrings for me.


8 thoughts on “an accessory problem

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