the picture taker

Today’s photo poses some specific challenges. As I mentioned before, I’m the designated picture taker in my family. This means that I get to take hundreds of beautiful photos of my beautiful family. It also means that there are almost no photos of me. This is okay with me because I do not photograph very well. So in order to find a photo of myself that I really like, I would probably need to go back through the childhood photos. And once you rule out the unfortunate bowl cuts and neon off-the-shoulder fringed shirts, it’s pretty slim pickins.

Or I could choose one from my wedding.

Let’s think this one through. On the one hand, I could post a thoroughly embarrassing photo that most of you would probably find hilarious. On the other hand, I could post a professional photo taken on a rare day that I actually wore makeup and did my hair. Decisions, decisions.

I lack the patience to scan a childhood photo, so wedding it is. I give you one of my favorite photos:

christine and dad

Technically, it’s not a great photo of either one of us. I’m not smiling, and my smile is one of my most favorite things about myself. And I was crying a little bit. Betcha can’t guess who the handsome man next to me is? Hint: it’s not George Clooney (but he could totally be a Clooney stunt double, right? Totally). He’s not smiling either, and his eyes crinkle in the most wonderful way when he smiles.

But I still treasure the photo.

(And now, because I’ve just spent half an hour going through all of my wedding photos, prepare yourself for gratuitous and unrelated wedding photos. And yes, in case you were wondering, that is a purple artichoke.)

gorgeous fall bouquet

i do

wedding on the lake


There’s nothing like the Finger Lakes in October. ((sigh)) Thanks to Anna Simonak for doing such a beautiful job!




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