three birds with one stone

I’m one day behind, so today’s post will include photos for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Woo hoo! Look at me go!

The photos for yesterday and today were a little bit tough for me. Time and drink are pretty generic, and I was a little stumped about what to do. (Prepare yourself for a tangent, people.)

Last night was date night, and we decided to go out to dinner at Jethro’s, a local restaurant people rave about. It was also featured on Man vs. Food, one of our favorite shows, and we loooove BBQ, so basically, us + Jethro’s = MFOE (that’s made for each other, for you non-Sleepless in Seattle fans).

We got there and I instantly saw wonderful shots of both time and drink, but, alas, I was cameraless. I don’t have a camera bag yet, and I don’t really love to take the DSLR out and about unprotected. So over our giant slabs of ribs, I was thinking about how I should maybe get an iPhone so I could have a camera with me to get great shots of yummy fruity drinks and other random things that catch my eye. I’ve heard the cameras in most smartphones are pretty fancy, and I think it would be awesome to shoot on the fly.

Back to the business at hand.

17. (nap)time

Nap time for little man

In hindsight, it’s sortof amazing that I’ve made it to post #8 without introducing you to the boogies. This is Little Man (aka Mooster, Yowlypants, and Papa). He’s the youngest of the boogies and the troublemaker in the family. He looks harmless enough here but don’t be fooled. There is naughtiness. Much naughtiness.

But we adore him.

18. drink

Early morning shot of the birdbath

Sunrise at the watering hole. This is my parents’ heated birdbath, and it’s rare to see it empty. They feed approximately 8 bazillion birds every day. It’s the Wild Kingdom, Mueri style.

19. something you hate to do

Dusty mirror

The photo speaks for itself. But just in case you’re unsure,

Dusty wooden blinds

Still not sure? There’s a little clue in there somewhere.

Sorry, Mom.


One thought on “three birds with one stone

  1. this does not bode well for your house keeping skills, as your mother I will pretend you took the dust pictures at someone else’s house, did like the bird bath though, it’s been a busy place the last couple of days, everybody thinks they need a bath, guess it’s been a long winter mom

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