cheating can be cute

The challenge photo for today is phone. and so, without any further introduction, i give you:

Moo looking at her baby photo on the phone

Yeah, yeah, I know that technically this is cheating because I did not take this photo today. But I technically do not care. Because, really, do you see her? Do you SEE her? The phone is my mom’s, and the photo Moo is scrutinizing is one of her baby photos, way back about, oh, a zillion months when she was just a tiny chub of a baby. In a hot pink tutu. Who couldn’t sit up by herself.


This photo is technically too much cuteness for my brain to process. The froggy princess pjs? Her little finger pointing at her baby self? The brow furrowed in focused concentration? The strawberry blondness? The fluttery eyelashes? Oy. It’s enough to make you order 75 matte prints every two weeks and plaster them on every available surface. Or so I’ve heard.

And no, since you’re wondering, I am not technically stalking Moo. I’m her most favoritest aunt, her beloved Shisshy, and I’m allowed. So there.



One thought on “cheating can be cute

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