catching up, part two

Hello again! This is installment two of catch-up photos. Good stuff.

First up, 12. inside my closet

A peek inside my closet
(when you own approximately 7,529 dresses, you have get creative about how you store them in your tiny closet)

13. blue(berries)


14. heart

heart-shaped fruit pizza
Although you can’t really tell from this angle, I shaped the dough into a heart. Fruit pizza is my new favorite dessert/breakfast/main dish. I mean, it’s fruit, so it is totally good for you. Because, um, those blueberries completely cancel the calories from the cream cheese. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I’m still missing 2/10, the self-portrait. I’m working on it. Sortof. Let’s just pretend it’s done and move on, mm-kay?

P.S. Marshmallow creme is magical. And extraordinarily sticky.


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