playing catch-up, part one

this is the first of two posts that will be devoted solely to bringing me up to speed with the photo-a-day challenge. without further delay, let’s dive right in!

1. my view today

My view today: wind turbines

5. 10am

6. dinner (sweet potatoes with marshmallows. don’t judge.)

Sweet potatoes for dinner

7. button

8. sun (as enjoyed by snickers)

Snickers loves the sunshine

9. front door

My favorite red front door

11. what makes me happy

Moo's glorious piggies

Didn’t I warn you about the cuteness? Don’t even get me started on those piggies. They make my heart sing. The blue eyes don’t hurt either.

Phew! That does it. Tomorrow’s post should get me caught up.

P.S. Weekend recap: moving stinks, but Moo is just the most fun. And I love being able to hug my mom on her birthday.  And it’s never too early for margaritas. Amen.


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