a running start

Yesterday, I posted the February photo-a-day challenge list. I’m going to bend the rules a little bit here and use a few photos that were technically taken with my trust old Kodak point-and-shoot. I know, I know. But the rationale here is two-fold: first, I can get caught up; second, redemption. That awful biscuits and gravy shot haunts me. ((involuntary shudder))

My goal is to be fully caught up by Monday. This is a realistic goal only because I will take an excessive number of photos this weekend, as we’re traveling to Nebraska to help my sister and her husband move. And NE plus my sister can only mean one thing: MOO. Moo is my niece and the source of unfathomable cuteness. (Seriously, prepare yourselves, people).

Enough yakking. Let’s get to some photos!

Feb 2. Words

Words in New Hampshire
We found this amazing tree in New Hampshire. There were tears. And delicious pancakes.

Feb 3. (Wrinkly newborn) hands

Moo's newborn hands
See the previous comment about Moo and unfathomable cuteness.

Feb 4. A stranger

A very Vermonty stranger
This sweet boy was sitting outside of a famous club in Burlington, Vermont. The sweater tells the story.

Three down, six to go!


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